Improve your truck's performance and gas mileage with one of our patent-pending exhaust kits.

The Face Behind MPI Exhaust Technologies


To understand the backstory of Mike the “Exhaustologist”, creator of the patent pending pulse chamber that started MPI. We’ll start with where it all began. In 1988, just a young 25 year old, Mike built his first stock car to attend the local dirt track that year. A local muffler shop employee asked if he had ever tried exhaust work. He figured it couldn't be any worse than putting roll cages in stock cars. He went on to start his first exhaust job at The Muffler Stop doing 1 year economy mufflers on Ford Pinto’s and Chevy Vegas’s. Mike continued working at The Muffler Stop until 1993, then stepped away while still building race car chassis at night and started his first shop in a tiny one bay shop for $267 a month called M & M Muffler. Mike continued to work there for many years with the old manager of Quality Muffler to then slowly grow into a larger 6 bay shop with 8 employees. Mike then sold M & M Muffler in 2001 to try his hand at dirt track racing. He raced for four years but then returned back to muffler work. Returning in 2005, with a new muffler shop, he was back in the muffler business again. He rehired all of his previous employees from M & M muffler and “the band was back together” as Mike would say. Mike put together a new shop with all the former employees and almost 20 years experience with the name Interstate Performance Exhaust. 

Interstate Performance Exhaust started as a 4 bay shop. Mike picked up the pieces from his former shops and continued the journey in the exhaust world. Eventually, Interstate Performance Exhaust expanded into a new 8 bay shop and added a second location. 

Footsteps to MPI

We bought our first new mandrel bender in 2018. We only had 8 patterns the first year for the mandrel bender as we were still learning that machine. Kinzer, Mike’s son, was the person behind the bending and installations making sure they fit and were made perfectly each time. Kinzer and a welder would install 5-7 kits a day for the first year. With word getting around of our quality new product, we jumped to installing 12-15 kits during a normal business day. We did so many those last two years, we would time ourselves trying to make it interesting. 30 minutes was the average best time. As we grew more from that, we would build and redesign, and go back to build and redesign over and over to get every nut, bolt, and washer perfected for our customers to ship all across the nation for a true sound of perfection.


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The sound of perfection.