Improve your truck's performance and gas mileage with one of our patent-pending exhaust kits.

Turbo mufflers or Street Flow?

  • Both our Turbo mufflers and Street Flow mufflers are very high-quality products well suited to your exhaust needs. However, the two have some key differences that may affect your preference. Turbo mufflers are more mellow with less rumble, a tad more reserved than Street Flows. Street Flows on the other hand have a bit more growl to them indicating their increased performance with a more aggressive tone heard at the tailgate and a bit in the cab. When used with our Pulse Chamber system, neither of these mufflers creates an in-cab drone and will make your truck sound the way it should! 

Do you offer exhaust kits w/o mufflers?

  • Yes we do. The muffler combos we include in our systems best represent our goal of increased fuel economy, performance and exterior/interior sound levels. We have no control over those aspects when the customer provides the mufflers so your results may vary. We always guarantee no droning in the cab but you may have a lot more exterior and interior noise depending on the mufflers you choose. Keep in mind that noise heard in the cab has 2 flavors. It is either just noisy or it is a drone. A warbling wah wah wah sound is a drone. Constant annoying noise is just a by-product of very open, free-flowing style mufflers.

Do we use Stainless or Aluminized pipe for our systems?

  • We use Aluminized pipe for our systems. Aluminized pipe will last 10+ years easily if you wash your truck's underside every so often, and it performs well compared to stainless steel but at a lower cost to you.


  • Installation is quite easy. We do recommend someone with welding experience take on the welding. Your local muffler or exhaust shop will be willing to help as well. Installation is very straightforward. We recommend any person seeking additional information on installation go visit our YouTube page to watch some of the installs. We have had customers use exhaust clamps for the installation. We recommend welding but you can make the final decision.

Increased Fuel Economy

  • Our exhaust kits provide increased fuel economy through the elimination of back pressure in your exhaust system. This is done through a less restrictive exhaust system with improved flow, yielding more power. More power means less throttle usage and an increase in fuel economy. However, with the way your truck will be sounding, it will be hard to stay off of that throttle! 

*The only times we don't see fuel efficiency increases are when there are substantial mechanical issues with motors.*

Will the kit fit my truck?

  • Our exhaust kits are designed to fit maximum length trucks, and can easily be trimmed to fit shorter styles of trucks.

Will this void the factory warranty?

  • This is an often asked question. No, it is illegal for a dealer to deny you the warranty because you have changed any exhaust from the catalytic converters back. MPI does several trucks per year for the local GM and Dodge dealerships before the trucks are sold to customers.

Is there a warranty on the mufflers in your kits?

  • Great question. Both our Turbo mufflers and the Street Flow mufflers have a 3-year limited warranty.

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