The sound of perfection.

Cat-Back Dual Exhaust Kits for gas powered trucks.

We are the only company that has perfected cat-back duals. Improve your truck's performance and gas mileage with one of our patented (11713700) exhaust kits.

MPI Exhaust Technologies

Your factory exhaust is killing your truck's performance and gas mileage.

Our patented pulse chamber system replaces your truck's stock exhaust and improves performance and gas mileage - all without introducing a drone in the cab. Only major mechanical issues in your motor will cause your truck not to see performance & mpg improvements with MPI exhaust.




See and hear the difference for yourself!

Listen to the MPI Performance Series Kit

Listen to the MPI Turbo Series Kit

Patent Pending

We are the only company to have perfected cat-back duals.

Our system delicately balances your exhaust pulses to eliminate the in-cab droning sound all while increasing performance and gas mileage.

  • Cat Back Dual Exhaust System
  • Patented Pulse Balancing Chamber Design
  • No In-Cab Droning, Guaranteed
  • 2-4 MPG Improvement
  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced Exterior Sound

The sound of perfection.